Help please for a Cryptomator novice. Thank you


Would anyone know how I increase the space on my Cryptomator vault? Please see attached. Thank you!

You don’t increase space in the vault, it grows as much as needed as long as your actual physical disk still has free space. It looks like your C disk run out of space which could also cause problems to your windows if left unchecked. You might want to use a bigger and/or different disk for your files, or add fewer files in this vault depending on your circumstances and priorities.

Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I don’t know much about technology, how would I find out how to use a bigger or different disk for my files please? Thank you!

You could buy an external USB disk drive, preferably SSD instead of HDD. But there might be better solutions with an internal drive depending on your circumstances, although you would need someone to install it. Is it a desktop computer or a laptop, and what is the total size of the files you are looking to store?

Hello, thank you so much for your help. I have just been to the computer shop. I was quoted £80 for a bigger internal drive, and roughly £90 for someone to install it. I am in two minds whether to pay this. What happens if my laptop dies on me, are all my folders on Cryptomator lost? Sorry I am still a bit confused how Cryptomator works. I appreciate your help.


If you go with an external ssd, there won’t be any installation cost.

Personally, I always have a backup of my Vaults. One copy on a cloud drive, and another on ssd.

So long as you keep your password and recovery key safe, you’ll be able to open your vaults from another PC.

You’re always going to need have backups of your data regardless of whether they are encrypted or not.

Even if you were not using this software and your internal hard drive crashed you had no backup your data would be lost just the same.

Keep 2 copies of everything and keep your credentials in a safe place like a password manager.

Thank you so much for your help Leo. Would you know if Tresorit is a good cloud drive? Kind regards.

Sorry, don’t know anything about it.

If you think you might want to access your vaults from your phone or tablet, I recommend choosing one of the supported cloud providers.

Cryptomator mobile currently supports:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Drive
  3. OneDrive
  4. pCloud
  5. Webdav
  6. S3

I use Google Drive, and pay $20/year for 100 GB which is all I need.

You don’t need Tresorit end-to-end encryption if you use Cryptomator. Cryptomator supports end-to-end encryption with any cloud service and also with local storage. This is the main reason for using Cryptomator.
If you are looking for a good cloud provider, I can recommend pCloud (mentioned by LeoW). They offer a lifetime subscription with 2 TB storage capacity, currently for a one-time payment of EUR 399.
I have been using pCloud (with or without Cryptomator) without any issues.

Thank you very much for your help Leo.

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Thank you so much Bernhard. I am not very good with technology, but I started used PCloud with no issues whatsoever. But suddenly my photos no longer appear when I want to upload them to PCloud from my portable hard drive. Please see attached. Don’t know why this is happening. I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thank you again.

Is this problem linked to Cryptomator, i.e. did you set up a Cryptomator vault on pCloud, in order to encrypt your uploaded photos? If your problem is not related to Cryptomator, we should probably move to a different communication channel.

Thank you for your help Bernhard. I am still trying to solve the issue, I am planning to go to the computer shop at the weekend. Your name sounds German the same as me!

Hi Danni
As I already mentioned, the problem with uploading your photos may not be linked to Cryptomator (except if you created a Cryptomator vault on pCloud). Could it be that you use the free plan of pCloud, which has a storage limit of 10 GB? This limit may be reached fast if photos are uploaded. And yes, I am Swiss and live in the German part of Switzerland.