Help building and using cryptomator for android without buying license

I want to use the android app without buying the license. It’s not that I don’t support the project, I just dont want to pay for it.
I was wondering if it was possible to use the app without getting a license. Since they open sourced the andriod app, I think someone can give me a vague idea of how it is possible, or maybe even help me out with it. I know that I will have to modify the code, but I have never written an Android app before, and my programming skills are limited to very basic bash and python

Can someone help me with this

I don’t think that the Cryptomator Community will ever host a guide/manual on how to pirate the software. Please ask somewhere else or use this opportunity to learn programming. You will figure it out.


Go and check out this… How to fix android.defaultConfig.versionCode is set to -1, but it should be +ve error

I am really sorry, but I dont mean to pirate the software. Isn’t the code open source? How is it pirating, if the source is visible for everyone? Not everyone can afford to pay. I am not very good at programming, and I don’t think someone should be a programmer to use some software. I think it must to have to do with removing a view somewhere in the code, but i dont know how.
I do understand you have spent your valuable time in making it, but i am sorry, i cant afford it

Isn’t the code open source?

Oh… so you are going to compile the code yourself?

Here ya go…

Yes, i am going to compile myself

After I ran gradlew assembleLicsenseDebug, i dont see the apk anywhere. How do i get the apk? Gradlew gave me build successfull, but still no apk . Any help??

As far as I know, Open-Source is not the same as free, and I appreciate the developers open-sourcing the apk. But see Bitwarden, for example. It is an open-source password manager, but a license for a pro version can be purchased as well.

They haven’t open sourced the ‘apk’, they have open sourced the source code, which i appreciate as well. But can someone help me? I ran gradlew assembleLicenseDebug, it ran without errors and still i dont get a apk. Any help?

an APK File is a package file and a result of compiled source code. You obviously missmatch “to open source” with “to give something away for free”. And this is a huge mistake. If you want to build your own APK, feel free to do so, but…

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I am trying to make a reproducible build of the cryptomator android, but after following instructions in the README and building it, with “./gradlew assembleLicenseDebug” with no errors, i still cant find where the apk is located. Can someone help me please??