Health check - fix all

I just ran a complete Health Check of my vault and the Directory Check found a vast number of problems. These can be fixed one by one but due to the quantity it would take me forever to click off every single problem one by one. Is there a way to fix all the problems at once?

After a lot of clicking I realize how much I also miss such a function. :slight_smile:
So I opened a feature request.


So for those who have the same problem and want to save a lot of clicking this is how I solved it. I just used Macro Recorder which you can easily set up to do the clicking for you. There were few thousands problems to fix for me and it took the program just few minutes. You can even get along with the demo version which is limited to 10 playbacks. Just copy the commands many times as I did (see screenshot). I know it is not the most elegant solution, but it works.

function added with Version 1.6.16