Health check failed

Hi again.

I just updated Cryptomator to the latest version (1.6.3 (msi-3362) as of this post) and ran the health check on one of the vaults missing files. There are errors, but I do not know enough about them or how to proceed.

To recap, my issue is that some of my vaults are missing a few to all of their files. I can unlock and open the vaults in Cryptomator with no problems, but they appear empty. Looking at the file location of the vaults, I can see they take up a few GBs of space, the d and m directories, masterkey.cryptomator, vault.cryptomator, etc.

I have attached one of the log files for the affected vault.

Is there anything I can do?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

healthReport_Coding_20211121-124803.log (2.4 KB)

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