Health check failed

Hi again.

I just updated Cryptomator to the latest version (1.6.3 (msi-3362) as of this post) and ran the health check on one of the vaults missing files. There are errors, but I do not know enough about them or how to proceed.

To recap, my issue is that some of my vaults are missing a few to all of their files. I can unlock and open the vaults in Cryptomator with no problems, but they appear empty. Looking at the file location of the vaults, I can see they take up a few GBs of space, the d and m directories, masterkey.cryptomator, vault.cryptomator, etc.

I have attached one of the log files for the affected vault.

Is there anything I can do?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

healthReport_Coding_20211121-124803.log (2.4 KB)

If I posted this in the wrong forum or did something else wrong, let me know so I can fix it. Looking over other posts and the documentation hasn’t helped. I haven’t recieved a reply, and want to resolve this if possible.

CRITICAL - Node D:\My Drive\Other\Cryptomator Vaults\Coding\d\NE\EB7HAFV37MTCZERWR2LDNXXPNB4TAM\NrHHbCD_MZ7I8kSxelSDmk7k8eClqzq_G3zNSId7g7k=.c9r of unknown type.
CRITICAL - Node D:\My Drive\Other\Cryptomator Vaults\Coding\d\NE\EB7HAFV37MTCZERWR2LDNXXPNB4TAM\VsL7QbdPjdUFG8J4rxtyDaIrfg==.c9r of unknown type

This is an indicator for incomplete synchronization. The empty directories should actually contain some files like dir.c9r, symlink.c9r or name.c9r (see also in the docs the security architecture section).

The reason I lost the files was because of syncing errors on my end. I stopped syncing those files about a year ago and kept them in a different place on my drive waiting for the Sanitizer tool to be intergrated into the next version. Is there any hope of recovering these files now, or are they lost, as I am no longer syncing them like I did before?

If the directories are empty, is there anyway to fix that? I figure not, but am holding out hope.

If you cannot recover the missing encrypted vault files, then the corresponding unencrypted files are lost also.

I figured as much. Thank you anyways!