Having trouble importing a large number of photos into my Cryptomator vault

I created a Cryptomator vault, designated a set drive letter, and set it to auto-mount. After making sure the vault was unlocked, I plugged my iPhone into my PC (running Windows 10), selected the option to choose which photos to import, and then changed the import location to the designated drive letter for my vault. The import worked at first, but after about three months worth of photos were imported, the process just stopped. I tried again a little while later and experienced the same issue. I also noticed that I couldn’t view thumbnails of the pictures that were imported, which could be a problem.

Does it sound like there’s something wrong with my workflow?

For me it sound like a WebDAV issue.
Your workflow seems ok for me.
Can you please try Version Version 1.4.0-beta2, select a FUSE or Dockany as connection and try again? Does the process still stop?

Maybe WebDAV only has issues with the photo import process directly into a network volume. So you can try to safe the photos on you local drive first, and then copy them into your vault.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give it a try. If I’m still having trouble, then I’ll probably just transfer the photos to my local drive first and then copy them to the vault.