Have fun: How to break a cryptomator partition in less than 2 minutes

I stopped using cryptomator because of this issue:
OS: Windows 10
cryptomator: 1.4.0
Other sofware needed: git

  1. open “cmd”
  2. in “cmd” clone this deposit: “git clone https://github.com/OpenChemistry/avogenerators.git” (for example)
  3. mount your cryptomator partition
  4. copy the git folder avogenerators/ on the cryptomator partition
  5. have fun: try to remove the avogenerators/ folder on the cryptomator partition
  6. Congratulation your only chance is to delete your cryptomator partition completely and make a new one and never backup a git deposit on a cryptomator partition

Curious what you were attempting to do?

Not sure if this applies here, but I had some un-deletable files in a previous version. The way I managed to delete them was to create another dummy file with the same file name and same extension in windows desktop and then copy (overwrite) the un-deletable file. The dummy file was then deletable.

I have this problem. I used freefilesync to sync my files, and for the most part it worked well. A few files showed errors, so I decided to delete those files and try again. That didn’t work (they’d just reappear after a F5), so I tried deleting the folders those files were in. That didn’t work either, and I got error ‘B:\ is unavailable’.
A fix for this would be greatly appreciated! Can I find the files in the encrypted folder and delete the encrypted files to fix this or would it break my vault?

I wonder if the problem I’m seeing is similar to what you’re seeing. I have had time to report it to the Cryptomator devs yet so I haven’t mentioned it here yet.

In my instance, I have my vault inside Dropbox. Standalone banking software that I use creates a backup of my file when I quit the application. I have it set to only keep two backup copies but due to the age of that software (old) and how it handles file access it doesn’t do that since I moved to Cryptomator.

I’m fine deleting the oldest backup file by hand but I find that I can’t seem to do it from the same system that created the file. If I delete it, I don’t see the Dropbox task icon show it resyncing. If I F5 from my vault location in Explorer, the file reappears. Even if I close out my vault and restart dropbox and cryptomator, the file I try to delete keeps reappearing.

The only way I can delete the file is to do so from another computer that’s been syncing everything all along but didn’t create the file(s) in the first place.

If I remember correctly, the problem with un-deletable files appeared when I stored executable (.exe) files in cryptomator vault. I reported it back then (probably version 1.3.3) and it was a known error (something to do with windows too I think). The executable files were being corrupted and then became un-deletable. Since then I stopped storing plain .exe in the vaults and I always zip executable files before I place them in the vault.

I have no idea if this has been fixed in later versions, I still zip all my executables to be sure.

Cryptomator is a “Russian roulette” in my case
Thank to all, I hope the dev who works on Cryptomator read this… the only way I found is to have has less as possible files and folder in the vault, so only about 10 tar.baz2 files for Unix and zip/7z files for Windows. I have this random problem when I have many subfolders and files with long names

Reported and acknowledged here: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/issues/776

For anyone having problems with write protected files, i created guide to remove the attribute: Windows: How to remove write protection from a file inside a vault

Nonetheless, this will not help in this case, since git uses under windows the write protection attribute and thus will always fail.

Hello Infeo,
Sorry but it is not the solution, I already tried it with the veru last version of Cryptomator:

attrib.exe -R /S “D:\VERIF…ets_vB.4be5.ffs_tmp”
Accès refusé - D:\VERIF…ets_vB.4be5.ffs_tmp

It is in french but it means “access denied”

I try with admin right (on cpryptomator and the command line), but the problem is exactly the same

Maybe we need an update of your solution, or a much better way: fix this CRITICAL (old) bug (or to build an alternative version of cryptomator…)!

PS: it is not a git folder !

@kboo You have to apply the tool onto your encrypted files. Not onto the ones in your unlocked vault.

@infeoYou are right it does something but doesn’t at all (I did it on the encrypted files with Admin right but… many errors, none corrected :scream:

Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YM\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YP\7E\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YP\7O\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YP\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YS\IK\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YS\desktop.ini
Fichier caché non réinitialisé - C:\Users\user\Google Drive\cryptomator\m\YT\QU\desktop.ini

This application still have a CRITICAL (old) bug that should be corrected as quick as possible

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