Has anyone tried to use Cryptomator + cyberduck + 1fichier?

Noob here!

I just want to store my files on 1fichier, no local sync needed.

From what I read, I can use cyberduck to connect to my 1fichier account via FTP.
I have a photo folder on my PC with about 15000 files, 180 GB
I need to create a cryptomator vault and put the above folder in it.
cryptomator will generate the encrypted files, this will takes days and possibly take 200GB or more
then I use Cyberduck to upload these files to 1fichier via FTP.

do I understand this correctly (probably not)
thanks for clarifying.


Speaking of software, you only need Cyberduck in your case because it has Cryptomator integrated.

  1. Create an encrypted vault with Cyberduck in your 1fichier account via FTP
  2. Upload these files into the vault and they’re automatically encrypted

The result will be marginally larger than 180 GB (roughly 0,1% increase in file size). Depending on your internet connection, it may take hours/days but that would be the same as if you’d upload unencrypted data. :smiley:

thanks, I’ll give it a try!

unfortunately it doesn’t work with 1fichier. Their FTP service doesn’t allow creating folder, so creating a vault via cyberduck gets me a 533 FTP error (not enought rights). Nothing wrong with cryptomator or cyberduck.

So-called one-click or share hosters often offer a file upload via ftp, but this is intended for file sharing and not as a file storage with a folder structure. Therefore, these services prohibit the creation of folders. This usually also applies to premium services.

For this reason, these services cannot be used with cryptomator (or any software that stores files in a folder structure).

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