Hard drives and cloud help

So when setting up I l clicked on one drive, but it has they do not sync so why does it have one drive option is it so the encryption writes it to be compatible with one drive? I do not see a folder in one drive so does that mean I need to manually go to one drive make a folder in the cryptomator virtual drive and link to one drive?

So I have a new computer and I have cryptomator on my D drive if I plug this hard drive in my new computer will it have my virtual drive and the files I already have encrypted?

The sync is done by your one drive client. Cryptomator does only the encryption.
You create a vault on a local place that is included into the sync of your OneDrive client.

I believe I understand. You’re saying once I open Crytomator the vault ( Named test) that I setup for one drive will appear. I drop my files in that vault to encrypted now since I choose one drive in setup the files will encrypt and show up in the folder in cloud, Correct?

Im looking at my OneDrive on C: User I see the bunch of vaults I made trying to test, but when I look on my one drive in cloud those vaults are not showing, but the other folders show

Should I manually add the folders?

I have more than one test vault it I delete the folder with D and master key will that permanently remove the vault files off the hard drive? etc
Michael do you have discord or messager of your choice to help me out at a fast pace? Would really appreciate it.

Yes, as long as the one drive client is running and syncing.

Then the sync is most probably not running or finished. Please check your OneDrive client

If your vault files are stored in the OneDrive folder (local) and your one drive client is running, the sync should push these files to your online storage automatically.

Sorry, I can not offer such support.
But I’m sure you are interested in the documentation or the YouTube tutorial

Lastly, I’m transitioning to a new pc and I wanted my files encrypted before installing this HDD so will the vaults and files transfer over once one drive syncs. If i choose the existing folder in-app and I choose the master key in folder on one drive I will have access to vaults etc

To check if files are encrypted they will always so in gibberish( Random text) on one drive correct?


That’s also correct.

And don’t forget to make backups of your unencrypted files. Just in case something happens to your encrypted files :wink:

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