Hangs on 'update check'

My system:
Dell e7240
kubuntu latest

I intalled cryptomator as per:

But when I start it the program hangs. It will not start. I am stuck with two windows - one is the cryptomator window which will not respond to anything (I have to use xkill to get rid of it) and the other is ‘update check’ which presents a small (10mmx6mm vertical) window.

Can anyone please help?

The small “update check” window is a modal dialog. That means, you have to choose an option. That’s why it’s probably blocking the main window. Or are you also unable to interact with the “update check” window?

Thanks for reply. But I can’t do anything. The whole thing hangs. Cannot interact with update check.

So, I have to close cryptomator with xkill.

Can you please tell me how to completely remove cryptomator? Many thanks. Bob

Additionally you can remove the repository (location from which you can cryptomator again):
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:sebastian-stenzel/cryptomator