GUI Not Appearing When Upgrading to version 1.5.5 - Unable to successfully revert to prior version

Thought I had erred in installing the JDK last week as multiple errors were generated when I tried to launch the buildkit version of Cryptomator. Much to my surprise it ran this morning on the second go without incident - successfully created a new vault, loaded content, closed it, reopened, etc. I then attempted to reinstall version 1.5.5 and re-encountered the prior difficulties.

I may begin to rebuild this machine tomorrow afternoon, so let me know if there are any other diagnostics you’d like to run.


Hello. As a courtesy, I thought I’d mention what I did to get my cryptomator working when I had the same “no Gui, tray icon does nothing” error. First, after all the previous roll-back installations all failed (just like they did with you), I re-installed the latest version 1.5.3 (exe-166) to a completely new folder Cryptomator2. (I forgot to uninstall the older version.) It still didn’t work UNTIL i DID THIS: i just went to C:\program files\cryptomator2 and i invoked the cryptomator.exe file directly. THAT’S IT! That was all it took to get a working GUI. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know what was the difference from running it directly and using the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Other Notes:

  • I completely backed-up the database folder before upgrading it.
  • Left clicking on tray icon still does nothing, but right clicking works
  • To get Start Menu working, I deleted the old icon and clicked “add to start menu” for the new EXE file. Simple.

Good luck.

Interesting. There should be no difference as the icon in the start menu is just a link calling the Cryptomator.exe in the installation directory. No variables, no nothing. Just calling the exe. (At leaset it is the case in my windows installation)

Interesting, I’ve rebuilt the machine that was having the problems already with a reinstall of Windows and am back up and running with Cryptomator.

The support of the Cryptomator community was very helpful in dealing with this unusual upgrade glitch, especially with regard to the general frustration of dealing with an improbable occurrence. None of my data was compromised, but this ordeal drove home the value of maintaining an unencrypted or alternatively encrypted backup nonetheless.

It is possible that my problem with the upgrade arose from a virus or a hack. After successfully running the buildkit version of Cryptomator, I did some investigating and found that for the first time ever on this machine, the Windows process cleanmgr.exe had recently accessed the internet. My primary antivirus software, Bitdefender, did not report any problem, but I attempted to run Google Chrome’s Harmful Hardware Scan and was not able to and my Malwarebytes installation appeared to have become inoperable - I was not able to launch it or to run the Malwarebytes Support Tool.

Thanks for the support.

Confirming here, after a long while, that my problem with the Cryptomator GUI not properly functioning or expanding from the system tray was in fact caused by a firewall issue. The same problem has been reported by at least two other users. The issue was solved in my case by deleting an old firewall rule for Cryptomator and creating a new firewall permission.