Great mess after migrating to iOS app v2


after switching to the iOS App 2.3.0 (from 1.6.3) all data seems to be inconsistent. Every folder in the safe that was edited with v2 is corrupt and cannot be opened, neither in the desktop app not in the ios app. The new app throws an unspecific error, the old one claims that there is a file missing. Digging into the file structure the file names are there, but the dir.c9r file seems to be missing. All other folders that have not been modified by the new app seem to be ok. Any idea how to fix this and repair the folder structure?



I can’t really think of any reason with the new iOS app that would “mess up” the vault. E.g., there is no reason that the iOS app deletes dir.c9r files, other than when a folder has been explicitly deleted.

What exactly did you do to “modify” the folders? Is this something that you can reproduce with a new vault? If yes, what are the steps?

In the Desktop app, you can use the “Health Check” tool, which is available under “Vault Options” when your vault is locked.

Hello Tobi,

thanks for your reply. Meanwhile, I think the problem is on the iCloud side. Apart from the missing files in the cryptomator, some other files that are not related to cryptomator disappeared as well. I already opened a support case at Apple, but with no solution so far.



There is a “Recover Files” option at (at the bottom under “Advanced” of the “Account Settings”), which you can check if you haven’t already. Recover deleted files on - Apple Support

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