Great App, but is 2FA coming in the near future

I am sure this has been asked for but new to the forum and cannot find any discussion on this.
I am loath to just trust a password as my only line of security, some form of two factor authentication is mandatory for me… Cheers

I agree, hoping for 2FA (via Google Authenticator) too.


just putting in two cents here (contrary view), but honestly, this is an endpoint product. No web access. If they do steal your files from some cloud, Google Authenticator is ineffective because they will go for straight decryption. A better master password is more secure in that case.

Now if your endpoint gets owned, then maybe there is some protection there, but not really, You sign in, decrypt your files and then “they” grab the decrypted versions in the background.

Just saying, not quite the negative that it sounds like.

Something like Boxcryptor using 2FA for the web interface makes sense, but it would also have the same issue with a compromised endpoint or if someone grabbed the cloud files directly.