Got confused: file systems out of sync


my cryptomator got confused: as I was rearranging files and folders, I ended up with a folder on Cryptomator that does not have a source anymore in the original (unencrypted) tree.

Deleting it in the mounted cryptomator folder does not work, as the files and the folder (even though visible) “do not exist anymore”. I cannot delete them in the unencrypted tree either, they are already gone there.

What can I do?



So you rearranged files/folders outside of Cryptomator? And the vault source is not at that path anymore as before? Then just remove the vault in Cryptomator from the list and re-add it from the new source.

To be precise: I rearranged the source tree only. I don’t mess with the vault, outside of backing it up to external devices.

Thus, it is still strange that en effect like this one can occur.

But, I’ll do a clean re-load of the vault.



No luck here as yet.

I possibly have not managed to describe my problem precisely. Let me try again, even though I am uncertain about the exact terms.

I am on Windows-10/64-bit, all latest versions, including Cryptomator desktop.

I have a source tree (to be encrypted) “C:\Documents” that I sync with my vault which resides on the virtual drive “Y:”, after I mounted it with Cryptomator. (Yes, at this point I have that tree stored once in the clear (C:) and once as virtual drive (Y:).

I had to rearrange the content of a subfolder C:\Documents\Travel\Europe, (shows up in the vault as Y:\Travel\Europe), ended up moving the content elsewhere in C:\Documents. This happened in several steps and the change got synced into Y: automatically (I am using FreeFileSync with RealTimeSync).

After that cleanup I deleted the tree Travel in C:\Document (no C:\Documents\Travel anymore). This change did not get synced properly, it seems. The folders/files do show up in their new location on Y:, but my problem is that the tree Y:\Travel still exists in the old location, too, the folder Y:\Travel\Europe is still there and there is even a file in that a subfolder. I cannot open that file (“doens’t exist”) and cannot delete it, nor can I delete Y:\Travel\Europe or Y:\Travel, as they “do not exist”.

I removed the vault from the list of Cryptomator, added it again and opened it. The situation is unchanged, it is still as described above. I suspect the vault got confused and I see that problem on Y:.

I suppose the last resort is to delete the entire vault and recreate it again? I still have my unencrypted source tree on C:\Documents.



Just to close the thread properly: I had to delete the vault and re-create it.