Google Team drive support

Hi any ETA to support Google Team drive tagged to my personal Google account.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Google Team Drive test account.
Would it be possible for someone to provide one for a few days for testing the implementation of the Google Team Drive support?

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I have a Google team drive account that I can contribute for the good cause of dev work.

You may also join the open beta:

We did some changes regarding Google Drive which theoretically should’ve enabled Team Drive support but we’re still waiting for feedback on that.

@tobihagemann I’m using the beta android version of the client, and I haven’t seen any option to choose/add Team Drive (or OneDrive for Business as for this matter).

At least for OneDrive for business there is no special option. Just use the OneDrive connection.
I assume it’s the same for google drive in the beta.

I am also on the beta, and can’t seem to add the vault that is on the Google team drive as can’t find any way to get to the shared drives within Cryptomator.