Google drive vault data loss after turning on mirror files

Hi there. I will try to explain this to the best of my ability. I have a desktop PC and a macbook air. I created a cryptomator vault using my PC and uploaded it to my google drive cloud storage. I mounted the vault on my PC and added 80gb or so worth of files to the vault and it worked exactly as advertised. I was able to open the vault on my macbook aswell as my iPhone and android phones. Earlier today I got a notification on my macbook that I was running out of storage and when I viewed the storage chart it showed that google drive was taking up 100gb of space on my macbook. I went on my google drive settings on macbook and saw that my drive files were set to mirror on my macbook so copies of the files were being downloaded to my physical drive not just kept in the cloud. I changed the setting to stream the files hoping it would free up the storage space but the storage space is the same size. I am able to unlock my cryptomator vault on this device. When I check the vault on my pc i am able to unlock it but 90% of my files are missing. When i run a health check it says orphan directory on several lines. I have the original files that I put in the vault so im thinking just to delete the cryptomator vault from my google drive and create a new one with my original files. I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again when I create my new vault. I need to make sure that google drive is set to stream files and not mirror them correct? Thank you for your help in advance

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I do not Mirror, I stream (Using Google Desktop for Windows.)

On your PC (Windows) it appears by your description that you are using Google Desktop for Windows. Exactly what I do. I do not open any vaults on my PC. I point Cryptomator directly to the vault on Google Drive.

What software are you using on your Mac to mount Google Drive?

The cryptomator app itself I’m guessing can access Google Drive directly on iphone/ipad as it does on Android.

Cloud drives are not infallible, so I always have my cloud drives backed up the old fashioned way.

As needed, I make a backup/sync copy of my Google Drive to an external SSD. I use Free File Sync to keep Google Drive in sync with my SSD drive.

Follow this procedure and you will never lose your valuable data and TIME.