Google Drive, Insync, Cryptomator, Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi Project

On my Ubuntu desktop I have a LUKS dm-crypt, drive which I mount when necessary, and another unencrypted drive which Insync syncs with my unlimited storage Google Drive account.

I would like to also sync the encrypted drive, but I would like the contents, including folder names, to be encrypted on Google Drive, but easily accessible, with on-the-fly encryption, from my Ubuntu desktop using Insync, and a Raspberry Pi server I will be configuring.

Boxcryptor seemed a perfect solution, at least from the desktop perspective, and it even offers apps for Android, but unfortunately no client for Linux. Having a directory in my Insync directory which would automatically encrypt before syncing would be ideal.

I have since discovered Cryptomator but I am unsure if it is the way to go or not.
Is what I propose a feasible project?

+1, hoping for a similar solution (on-the-fly encryption, file structure preserving, preferably one-way sync) with Windows 10.