Google Drive in Android/LineageOS without Play Services


I’ve just bought a Cryptomator-android license, planning to use it in my mobile device (LineageOS 14.1). It was only after I tried to establish a connection to my Google Drive that I discovered that this is not possible without Play Services installed.

After researching for a solution using WebDAV as an alternative, I learned that Google Drive does not support it natively, but there are some third-party tools that should provide some sort of WebDAV connection for GDrive [1]. However, all links I found were desktop applications (mainly meant for Windows), which do not appear to be a solution to my problem establishing a connection between Cryptomator for Android and Google Drive without Play Services.

Is there some workaround that I’m missing? or is it currently impossible to use GDrive in an Android-based device without Play Services?

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Yes, Android without Play Services isn’t compatible with Google Drive.
I personally do not know of any way to access Google Drive via WebDAV.

try with this… multcloud could work as an interface between google drive and your need for webdav :

free plan has 30GB traffic …

maybe it helps. have connectors for Google Drive. Most of Koofr’s service is provided by WebDAV and Rclone, so theoretically you could connect your GDrive to koofr and then access it all by webdav.

Cryptomator works great with Koofr but i haven’t tried the above scenario. You would have to ask them…
One of my key approaches to keeping data private and secure (including usage and metadata) is keeping everything totally isolated from Google, so ive never tried connecting them (and never will!)