Google Drive File Stream vault update question

HI, I’m thinking of migrating from old vault format to new vault format 7. I have large vaults … some are 10tb or more with a lot of files (10.000+). All vaults are on my GSUITE google drive / currently there are more vaults with combined 70tb of data. All data is sensitive and important for our company.

The problem is i’m scared to upgrade because i cannot copy the vaults beforehand. This means that if something goes wrong … i could lose all data and this is not something i can do.

This is where the question comes in:

Google Drive Filestream has UPLOAD as well as DOWNLOAD limit as well as application operation limit (which is true in this case since the files are inside a vault and google treats all operations - primarily download as an operation inside an app, which is heavily limited). Does the update vault only rename the files or what exactly does it do? Because if it does too many operations there is a high change google won’t allow any more operations and the migration will simply fail.

Right now this happens mostly when downloading (decrypting) a lot of files at once - it stops downloading and it tells me application limit exceeded.

Does anybody have any experience in this matter? Any suggestions? Thanks. Appreciated a lot.

Only the internal vault structure chagnes, meaning that files may be renamed, moved or deleted. The encrypted content is not touched.

Specifically, if your vaults had previously vault version 6 (used since Cryptomator 1.3.0) and migrate now to vault version 7, the following changes will be made:

  • All (unshortend) files will be renamed to have the ending .c9r
  • For all directory files, they will be transformed to fit to the new vault structure
  • The same applies to symlinks
  • The m directory will be deleted with all its content

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Offtopic: I assume you have a serious backup strategie :wink:

Here are the insights.

Absolutely. Although you can resume an already started vault migration, I have seen several reports in this board where user couldn’t perform a successful migration with on demand files. Not just because operation limitations, but also because files were not available and so on. On the other hand I think there were gdrive reports of successful migration with on demand files (cannot proof it right now). So I think there is a chance that you finish the migration of such an amount of data after a long time of resumeing the process and up-/downloading files. But I’m pretty sure you will have no fun.
From my point of view and in your case I recommend a local migration.

Disclaimer and update: this is for gdrive. iCloud users for example have to do the migration local. I stay with my general recommendation: migrate your vaults local