Google Drive Between Windows & iOS

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I currently use Cryptomator between different Windows machines, but am having an issue syncing to iPhone.

This is because instead of keeping the vault files synced into “My Drive” I have them synced into a respective “Computers” folder. That folder being a directory specific for my vault files on my main computer that I have sync to Google Drive.

When you go to Google Drive these custom synced (backup & sync) folders don’t show up under the “My Drive” tab but instead under the “Computers” tab, then under a folder matching that computers hostname.

Currently, I do not see a way for iPhone Cryptomator app to get to the Computers tab. Will this ever be implemented?

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It seems that you are using Google Drive for desktop on windows. I use the same program only I use it a little differently than you are.

With Google Drive for desktop software you can have the files only reside on the server which is what I do, synchronize files between the server and your PC or you can have Google Drive for desktop Monitor and backup certain folders which is what you have set up your software to do which is why your local folders are ending up in the computer tab.

I don’t see the software ever being able to access files in that fashion. You will in all likelihood need to change your configuration settings so that the cryptomator vault directory is properly synced to your main Google Drive.

The ios version of the software should be able to properly access your vault after you change things around a bit.

Personally, I created my Vault on Google Drive rather than creating it on my computer and backing it up to Google. I have more Google drive storage then I have available space on my computers so I don’t want my entire Vault synchronizing down to each computer. I access the vault from a mounted folder in Windows.

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Hi LeoW,

I’ll have to transfer my vault over then. Thanks for your response and detailed info.

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You’re welcome.

Good luck. Should be very easy to move and change the way Google Desktop treats your vault.
You want to either stream or sync, not backup.

Hey LeoW!

Was looking at this again today. Remembered I chose the “folders from computer” option since I didn’t want to stream files, but also didn’t want to sync my entire drive. I now see you can right-click files/folders and allow offline use :smile: Thanks again!