Google Drive and Cryptomator fresh start

One other question please. When I initially placed the Google drive files into the vault, they no longer exist in Google Drive right? So transferring them back there before uninstalling and reinstalling Cryptomator would not duplicate the files. Thanks again.

Not sure if I understand you right. But reinstalling cryptomator will not touch your vault files. So if they are stored in googledrive, they’ll stay in google drive if you uninstall the app. Installing the app will not do anything with your google drive account or the files in it. So no, reinstalling the app will not dublicate your vault.

Thanks. But what I meant is this, when I “moved” the files from google drive into the vault to be encrypted, they still remain in google drive but encrypted in the vault’s virtual “d” drive. So my assumption is that moving them from my desktop vault where they are unencrypted and visible to a google drive temp holding folder I created would create duplicates. So when I uninstall Cryptomator what would happen to the files in the vault? Are they erased leaving me with only the copies I placed in the temp folder? Fyi, I have sync turned on.

Sorry, I don’t get it. What temp folder?

If you move a file from place A (gdrive or any other location) in your vault (virtual drive), then the file is moved. Not copied. So there are no copies. The moved file is not stored in gdrive anymore, but it is stored in your vault. If your vault happens to be synced with gdrive, then the moved file is stored as encrypted vault file local and the encrypted vault file is synced to your online storage. So no: no dublicate in gdrive. The file was just moved from A to B

And again: a vault, and the cryptomator app do not interact when uninstalling the app. All encrypted vault files will not be touched just because you uninstalled the app.


Sorry to be a pest but I think I’m close to getting it.

So again for clarity, here is my situation. I store all my files in gdrive. When I installed Cryptometer for Windows I moved all of the files from gdrive into that new vault as instructed by you about a year ago. I also purchased the Android version. Everything was running smoothly until the issue.

So I work with files in file explorer but in gdrive (online) I only see many numbered folders with encrypted data within the vault, the way it should be.

Since I have to move files out of this vault to decrypt them before uninstalling Cryptomator and I decided to put them back in gdrive temporarily, don’t all of the original encrypted files and folders still remain in the gdrive vault? So it seems I end up with one set of encrypted files and one set of decrypted files correct?

If that’s the case, to prevent this, I suppose I should delete the old vault and all its content in gdrive so that I am left with only one set, the decrypted files.

Lastly, just to confirm what you said, as an alternative, if I wish to keep my files private as opposed to storing them temporarily in unencrypted format (on gdrive) until Cryptomator is reinstalled, I can store them locally then move them back into the new vault once Cryptomator is installed bypassing gdrive right?
Much appreciated.

which issue?

When you MOVE a file, it does not create a copy. Only if you COPY a file it creates a copy. Don’t know if there a wording issue, but moving a file and copying a file is not the same process.
So again: No, if you move your file from inside the vault to anywhere else, you do not create a copy. The file will be removed from the vault. Yes, if you copy a file from inside a vault to somewhere else, you create a copy. The original file will stay in the vault and you have 2 files.

I still don’t know why you would want to do this just because you want to uninstall and install cryptomator again. If you want to reinstall cryptomator (for whatever reason), just leave your files in the vault. The vault does not care if you reinstall cryptomator. It will not be changed. Just uninstall cryptomator, the install again and add your existing vault to the app. No need to move anything in the vault around temporarily.
But yes, If you store your file (temporarily) unencrypted in gdrive, then all your data is of course visible to google. Which makes no sense if you want to use cryptomator with gdrive to cover your privacy concerns. To avoid that you have to avoid anything that leads to a file stored in your gdrive.

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The issue you assisted me with about a week ago but we were unsuccessful in solving.

In trying to solve the issue which continues to plague me and which may be related to a Windows 11 Pro upgrade where file explorer hangs each time I try to copy and paste, delete, or move a file within the vault, and despite trying all volume types as you suggested last week, I thought that a clean reinstall without having any encrypted files left was the right approach. That’s why I spoke about moving and copying files. I concluded that the best approach in trying to solve this frustrating issue would be to have a fresh unencrypted copy of my files somewhere in case the reinstall failed and I lost access to my encrypted files. With much appreciation, thank-you.

Ah ok. Now I get it. So if you want to have a complete, fresh start you should do the following. You already figured it out I guess, but just in case you want me to sum up.

  1. move your files from within your vault to anywhere on your local disc, but not in your gdrive synced storage. You want to have a lokal, not synced file (unless you don’t want Google to know all your files) Or in other words: make a local backup of your vault content.
  2. uninstall cryptomator. Check if winFSP is also uninstalled, if not uninstall it via the Microsoft software list.
  3. delete your vault directory and all encrypted files/folders in it.
  4. optional: wait until the sync is done and your encrypted vault is not online anymore.
  5. download latest cryptomator version and install it. This will install WinFSP as well
  6. create a new vault in your gdrive location
  7. move your backup files into your new vault
  8. optional: wait until the sync is done.
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Excellent! Clear and concise. Exactly what I’m looking for! I do hope it solves my problem because I do love Cryptomator and wish to continue supporting future development. And thanks for always being the most reliable help source. Are you the developer? :smiling_face:

You are welcome.
No I’m not. I’m just supporting here from user to user. :grinning:

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You are a good soul with a helping heart :innocent:

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