Goodsync keeps seeing files as being deleted with Cryptomator 1.4 and Dokany

I switched from Cryptomator 1.3 to 1.4 and like the speed improvements that Dokany gives over WebDAV. I synchronize separate vaults over more computers using the program Goodsync. When I now use Cryptomator 1.4 in combination with Dokany Goodsync however keeps seeing files that have it sees as been deleted (without that these files actually were deleted) on the Cryptomator fault. GoodSync wants to sychronize these deletions to the NAS which holds the original files, which is very risky and unwanted. This behaviour of false deletions was not the case with the combination Cryptomator 1.3 and WebDAV. Is this a known bug that is being worked on? And maybe one other question: what is the filename/folder length restriction in the combination Cryptomator 1.4 and Dokany versus Cryptomator 1.3 and WebDAV? I know I had to shorten file names and folder names in the past as they were too long. Longer names would be much appreciated.

Based on this ( long file path names are already shortened by cryptomator. Im using cryptomator since 1.3.2 and never had problems with long paths.