Git repository inside cryptomator on SMB share?

Hi, I’d like to know if cryptomator is applicable for our use case:
We have several windows & linux computers on a LAN, including a “gitserver” linux box, which hosts some git repositories accessed over SSH by the computers. Now we’d like to add a git repository – used also by some of the computers – which shall not reside unencrypted on the “gitserver”.

My idea is to create a samba/SMB shared folder on the “gitserver”, and install cryptomator on the computers. Create an encrypted vault whose data is stored in that shared folder, and place the git repository in that vault. git on each of the computers would then use this repository as a git remote (even though the path is a local one, but that doesn’t matter).

Do you see any problems with this approach? Especially w.r.t.

  • concurrent access from multiple computers & users to the same cryptomator vault
  • cryptomator on SMB
  • (shared) git repository in cryptomator vault

If you have totally different ideas what I might do in my situation, I’m happy to hear them!

Just for sake of completeness, we’ve now solved our problem by using keybase, compare

You’re absolutely right. Cryptomator isn’t optimized for this kind of usage and may cause a lot of problems. Thank you for the Keybase suggestion.


I’d like to add that I haven’t reviewed or tested any of them out. Also just for sake of completeness. :wink:

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I’d kindly like to ask, what exactly is not possible:

Is it rather the concurrent access or the smb share of a vault which can cause problems? In detail I am interested to setup a git repo within a vault but without concurrent access.

Of course I’ve tried this, but without success. Unfortunately the git repo gets corrupted during pushs. In this regard I used the FUSE mount of the vault.

Is there a potential workaround by using WEBDAV or DOKANY instead?

Thanks a lot,