Getting Started with Cryptomator- Issues with OneDrive Set Up on PC

So I use Microsoft OneDrive to backup all my PC files. I have installed Cryptomater as I want those files encrypted (only accessible for myself). I want to add all my OneDrive Files to Cryptomater. But ideally still want to be able to access my files from OneDrive online (on occasion).

I installed a new vault in my OneDrive folder on my PC. After doing this, a separate drive shows up with the Vault Name under my SSD (which is where my OneDrive is also located). That said, when I add items to the new Vault Drive the files do not sync/show up in my OneDrive online. But if I navigate manually to my OneDrive folder and find the vault location set up on my SSD (using Windows Explorer), I can add files in that location and they DO show up in my online OneDrive. I also have an assortment of different files available in my dedicated Vault Drive that shows up on my SSD versus the OneDrive folder that I manually navigate to on the SSD. Trying to figure out why the Vault has two different sets of files and one syncs to OneDrive but the other doesn’t? Maybe I haven’t set things up correctly for what I am trying to do? Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful.

This is not possible. Files in cryptomator vaults are encrypted and need a cryptomator app to be decrypted again. You cannot do the encryption with a browser.

Attention. Your files are not encrypted then. If you want to encrypt files, you have to put the files in the virtual drive that shows up when you unlock your vault. Do not put files in the folder that is named after your vault. Means the folder where your masterkey file is located. This is the folder where cryptomator creates the encrypted vault files and this is the folder that is synced to onedrive. Again: do not please files here manually. They will not be encrypted.

I think this might be helpful:

You can get close by putting Cryptomator on a flash drive as portable.
In addition, you would need Rclone to mount your Onedrive on that other PC. You wouldn’t be able to use it in a browser but you would be able to use it from places other than your house or work in a pinch.

I keep these two products on a drive that I take everywhere. So long as it’s something that you’re only going to use on occasion that might be your best and perhaps only solution.

The only way that I am aware to have your files stored on encrypted storage and also be able to access them from the web would be to subscribe to a cloud storage service that provides end to end encryption.