Getting Mac Desktop Backup on Dropbox via Cryptomator

I would appreciate a little help, please . . .

I’m on a Mac with several Cryptomator vaults already stored on Dropbox. These vaults contain all of the files I had previously stored on Dropbox unencrypted.

When I view my Dropbox account on-line (via web), I see these vaults which, of course, I cannot access on Dropbox (only through my Cryptomator app on my Mac). However, when I view my Dropbox account on-line, I also see a backup of my Mac Desktop that is unencrypted and which I am able to fully access/view directly on Dropbox.

I want to put this backup of my Mac Desktop in a new vault on Cryptomator so that it can be viewed only via my Cryptomator app and cannot be accessed/viewed directly on Dropbox.

My questions are: what steps do I follow to get my Mac Desktop backup to continue to be maintained on Dropbox but only through Cryptomator? And, how do I stop Dropbox from also maintaining an unencrypted copy of my Mac Desktop, as it is now doing?

Thank you, Dale