FUSE bug with non english characters

In vaults with folders named with non-english characters (e.g.: mélée) weird things happen in Finder, particularly when another folder exists inside those. I’ve identified these:

  • Finder kind of refreshes and kicks me off the folder
  • I frequently see the folder twice. The content is the same. I can edit either…

I haven’t had any data corruption yet but it’s quite annoying.

I never had these issues before starting to use the FUSE volume type.

There is already a bug report on github for this: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/issues/732. If you have a github account, you can add information to the issue! ( in the issue only german umlauts are mentioned)

Seeing the folder twice is new :thinking:

I had a hard time getting this posted due to the non-unicode-ness of the forum, and had to make several updates - sorry!