From Windows 10 PRO (Bitlocker enabled) backup on Pcloud, migrating to Ubuntu (last 2020)

Hello, I’m using Cryptomator on Windows 10 PRO with Bitlocker activated.
I backup Cryptomator folders to Pcloud.

If My Windows 10 system fails, and i want to access the Cyptomator folders on a new system with Linux Ubuntu, will the files from Pcloud will be accessible from the backup using the new machine or can only retrieve on a Windows 10 PRO machine?

Will the Windows Bitlocker alter or interfere the encryption or make the Cryptomator backup on Pcloud unstable when opened on Ubunto Linux?

Thanks a lot

The Cryptomator encryption is independent from the OS, so you can open your vault on any system that has Cryptomator installed.
Bitlocker should not have an impact on the Cryptomator files. For example: if you create a textile on your windows (bitlocker encrypted) system and upload it to cloud, it is still accessible with other systems that are not encrypted with bitlocker.

This brings up a question - if I’m using Bitlocker on all my drives (internal external), is there any reason to use CR to create a local vault and put files in there? Seems unnecessary and duplicative. I still see the value in anything I want to store in the cloud, but not so with my local drives due to Bitlocker.

From my point of view: no there’s no reason to do that, as long as you are not planning to sync the files to an online storage (as you already said).
And of course you have to trust the encryption of bitlocker.

Well, I was going to go with Veracrypt, but to be honest, it was just adding ONE MORE tool to an already crowded bundle of security tools I use. BitLocker’s appeal was it is built into Windows 10 Pro (and 11 Pro when I upgrade) and works with Macrium Reflect. I also like the “whole drive” encryption idea vs managing containers. Nothing against Veracrypt at all - just seems like ore effort and complexity for no additional benefit.