Freshly installed desktop client: missing vault locations

strange: windows client offers to add/open vault locations only

  • Onedrive

  • File System

How can I access vaults on webdav (created by android app)???

Hello to the Cryptomator Community :slight_smile:

the Desktop versions of Cryptomator do not offer (yet) the feature to connect to storage over webdav. You need to integrate it into your os by either using the native system capabilities or third party applications (e.g. Mountain Duck) and afterwards select the location with the “Eigener Ort” option.

Alternatively you can try something like cyber duck which directly accesses the vault online.

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Hi infeo,

thanks for your hints. Thought my system’s broken because screens were completely different to the doc pages.

  • cyberduck has a very good integration with cryptomator (imso) :sunglasses: