Folder shows up twice; Seems to be a link of some kind or something

Hi all,

I have a very strange behavior in my vault with Cryptomator 1.5.10 both on linux and on android.

My vault contains a folder that is shown twice (with slightly different name) or they are two folders, but they share the content. So if I add a file to one folder, it also appears in the other folder.

When I delete one of the folders, the other one disappears as well.

Looking at the folders in bash, they look like normal folders. One called “folder a” and the other called “folder-a”.

drwx------ 1 user users 4096 Dez 2 23:58 ‘folder a’
drwx------ 1 user users 4096 Dez 2 23:58 folder-a

The problem occurred when I renamed the folder and shortly afterward decided to undo the change. This was on linux while the vault was being monitored by insync for synchronisation with google drive. So I guess something went wrong there.

The problem now is that the duplication is propagated to the cloud, so if I open the vault from an other machine, I see the duplicate too.

How can I fix this and remove one of the two folders, but leave the other one untouched?

Kind regards,

PS: at the same time when the (sync?!) error happened, another file/folder was created that is only visible from bash, but cannot be deleted. Not even as root.

??? ? ? ? ? ? ‘Untitled Folder’

I never found a solution other than to create a new Cryptomator vault and copy the non-corrupted files over.

  1. lock vault
  2. stop cloud sync
  3. move vault to a backup-location
  4. create new vault in the original location with the same credentials
  5. unlock & mount both vaults
  6. move/copy all non-corrupted files from within the old into the new vault.
  7. lock both vaults
  8. delete the old vault
  9. re-enable cloud sync
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