Folder mount settings forgotten when using automatic mount on Crptomator startup

Win10 Pro 21H2
Cryptomator 1.6.11
Fuse mount

I have set up a Vault to mount as a folder (C:\Vault) which works well. However when I set up the Vault to mount automatically upon Cryptomator startup, the folder mount settings are forgotten and instead it mounts as the next available drive (in my case, D:). The folder mount settings are forgetten so I need to set up the folder mount settings again and mount it manually.

Is this expected behaviour that folder mounts can not be automatically mounted upon Cryptomator startup?

You might be affected by a bug, which causes changed settigns not to be persisted. (see It is fixed with the newest Crypotmator release 1.6.14, which can be downloaded already from our Github repository.