"Folder Empty" on Android Google Drive

Hello, I am having a problem with my android (Samsung Galaxy S8 G950USQS5CSB1) and connecting it to my google drive account. When I place the cryptomator key into my google drive it, at first, shows me all the files in the drive. Then, when I am prompted to log back into the vault and log in, there is a text saying “Empty Folder”. There are many documents in this folder so I know it is not empty.
Please advise me as to what I should do and what I am doing wrong. I emailed the support email of cryptomator and they have not responded yet.
Thank you!

Sorry, I don’t fully understand the problem. Can you attach a screenshot? Feel free to redact any filenames you don’t want to show up.

Same by me.
my cryptomator Safe ist located on a Google drive. So far so good. Today I tried to Access this Safe by opening the cryptomator Android App as usual. Choosing the Safe, unlocking by fingerprint. Then the App dies not Display any congent, but “empty folder”.
just as if the Safe would be empty, which it isn’t.

De- and reinstalling of cryptomator did not have any effect.

Please help with this matter as it is ki da worst case (a safe which cannot be accessed.

@techbeginner is the vault using the Android app always empty or do you see sometimes files/folders?

Can you confirm by opening the vault using the deskop app, that there are really files in the vault (just for confirmation).

Furthermore it would be helpfull, if you could enable debug mode, open again the vault and send us the log file.

The vault is, since this issue occurred, empty permanently.
At present a computer is syncing the vaults content from the webspace to its hard drive, still missing the masterkey file to sync. Hence no possibility for me to access the vault via Desktop at present.

The cryptomator iOS App does also open the vault but does state the same about empty folders.

But the vault data consumes 17GB of cloud storage and continously sync process with the desktop app.

I’m clueless and increasingly fear for my data…

Debug mode is enabled; file will follow shortly.

@techbeginner thank you for the log file!
The good thing is, I can not find any error or strange thing in it.

That the iOS app behaves similarly or even in the same way is even weirder :thinking:.

@overheadhunter and @tobihagemann do you have a idea what the problem might be?

maybe something similar like this? Cryptomator opens empty folder in Dropbox

However I.'m really desperate and annoyed at present. Everything is in this vault. Not more, not less.

And I’ m sitting here with nothing.
I can’t follow infeos hints, cause neither I’ve an x64 machine for running the latest version of cryptomator, nor do I’ve enough knowledge to run shell-commands…

Is there any pattern what to check for proper functionality or resolving this issue?

h e l p

Since I cannot tell what happened between “it worked” and “it doesn’t work anymore”, can you check in Google Drive (in a browser) if the vault has the following structure: https://gist.github.com/tobihagemann/79ceb55c251a8d1a858b8cc4da5fcac9

Basically check if there is a masterkey.cryptomator file and a folder d with 2-char folders that have 30-char folders inside. If some sync conflict renamed a file/folder with a (1)-suffix, you may have to fix it.

Otherwise (still in Google Drive in a browser), right-click on the masterkey.cryptomator file and select “Manage versions”. Check if there is an older version of the masterkey file, which may have been replaced (for whatever reason). Before you restore anything, make sure to make a backup.

If nothing helps, it would be good to know what happened between “it worked” and “it doesn’t work anymore” to narrow down the issue.