Folder as mount point-error


I set a folder as mount point, and has it mounted at startup. I have Cryptomator in my startup folder.

Sometime, I get error from Cryptomator that it fails to mount. On inspection, I noted the folder has became a link/junctions.

I noted that when Cryptomator successfully mount, it did change the folder to a junction, and reverse the process when un-mount. Perhaps this process did not get executed?

Please specify the error message or provide log file. (If you are on debug mode, remove personal information from log file before posting it)

It just happened again… I am unable to mount. I have confirmed that the folder is now a Junction. I the deleted the Junction and re-create the folder. Still I am not able to mount with the attached error.

Cryptomator error 20210627.log (1.6 KB)

This happened another time… I made a small modification of a Excel file, save it, exit excel, shutdown. After I reboot, I am not about to mount.

Even after I have deleted the Junction, and re-create the folder, I still cannot mount. I need to re-start Cryptomator for it to mount.

The error msg is similar to the one posted above.


This is a known issue when the system is shutdown/ put into standby without locking your vaults:

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