Fixing a corrupted vault due to partial sync

Hi everyone, I have around 3 version 6 vaults on Google Drive that has been maintained through Mountain Duck (MD). I know this is not a forum for MD users but it is my last hope for salvaging my missing files and missing folder names (“New Folder” is displayed), since MD’s customer support is mostly unresponsive. We’ve been communicating for more than 2 months now.

Basically MD had somehow accumulated hundreds of GBs of my files and folder updates in the cache folder and refuses to sync it to GDrive. As such, many files have been stuck in the vault, inaccessible. In the cache, the folder structure appears to be the same as an encrypted vault; there’s a “d” folder, “m” folder and masterkey.cryptomator. I was looking at Cryptomator’s Security Architecture and wondering if I could just do a manual sync by merging folders in my local MD cache into my GDrive vault’s folder.

So far, I’ve tested with 1 vault, by downloading it locally, using Cryptomator to upgrade it from version 6 to 7, then mounting it. From this, I can confirm that files are indeed missing from the vault and ruled out that GDrive was the culprit. Right now, I’m thinking about doing a test with a server-side clone of 1 vault, uploading my entire local cache folder to merge with folders in this clone, then decrypt the vault with Mountain Duck to see if the files have been restored.

As much as I would like to try this locally, I do not have 1TB free to perform this. The local cache contains files from 3 different vaults and I have no idea which files/folders should go into which vaults.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Since the vault structure/format is only “bound” to the masterkey, you should be able to merge your local Mountain Duck cache and your vault on Google Drive.

  • Make sure that the masterkey file of both folders are the same. Do not mix vault folders of different versions (e.g. version 6 + 7).
  • Make sure to keep the vault structure. The folders have to be something like this: d/AA/BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. Merge the contents inside these.
  • If there are duplicates, I actually don’t know how Mountain Duck handles these. In Cryptomator, you could keep both files (e.g. FOO and FOO (1)) and then Cryptomator would automatically rename FOO (1) during access into a new encrypted name to show it to you as a “sync conflict”.