Finder hangs after accessing files in FUSE-T mounted vault

As the title states, Finder freezes/hangs when I try to access multiple files in a vault, at this point I have to force-unmount the vault in Cryptomator. There is a chance that some files can be accessed after re-mount, but when I access some new files it might freeze again.

The vault is on OneDrive File On-Demand folder.

Cryptomator on my Apple Silicon Macs is from the beginning a nightmare. pdf and Pages documents often cause problem, the Finder is freezing – only restarting my Mac helps. The problems have existed since the Apple Silicon chips have been around, they just change from time to time. It’s really weak that they can’t get this under control. I switch between fuse-t and Web DAV (Apple Script), but both keep causing problems. I’m really disappointed and do not have any solutions until now.
(Problems exist btw on different Macs: my M1 Mac Studio, my M2 Mac mini and my M1 MacBook Pro – all with latest macOS versions; my vault is located on my iCloud Drive.)

I have the same issue I narrowed it down to the OnDemand function of OneDrive for some reason if cryptomator tries to access a file that is not yet downloaded. OneDrive doesn’t start downloading. This causes the freeze. You can work around that by right click on the encrypted vault inside your One Drive and select to keep files on the computer. The sync feature of OneDrive is pretty poor on MacOS I am rather sure this is on purpose from Microsoft.