Filesize - Split Files in Vault

Hey guys,

first of all, you have developed a great and much needed tool. Huge compliment on that. As far as I understood (and tested) part of the encrypted data will have about the same file-size as the original. As far as I understand, that still allows a storage provider (or a attacker) to guess what kind of data you are storing. (as for standard file size of a DVD-image for example).

I am almost sure the idea is not new, but wouldn’t it be possible (as an option) to split files up into blocks (e.g. 50 MB).

Thank you again for the great development, and keep the open source spirit up!

Please let me know if I have to clarify my question.

This feature will not be implemented. This will cause various problems with the way cryptomator works.

For more details, please see this Github Discussion (Issue 229)

BTW (my point of view):
A physical DVD has no fixe size, but a maximum size. So you can’t deduce from the size of the file to whatever data it is. That would just be guessed.