Files stay encrypted


I dont know what I did wrong but I can’t see my uncrypted files anymore

When I enter the password, everything is ok, but my files remain encrypted. I still have vault.cryptomator and some backups, but I can’t figure it out, and i’m quite stuck with my encrypted files.

I change my computer twice (always Mac), and I didn’t open these files for a while but still made all updates.

Everything looks normal when I unlock it unless files are still unreadable.

A big thank you in advance!

Seems that you are looking at your vault path, and not in your virtual drive.
After you have unlocked your vault, a new virtual drive shows up in finder. There you can see the files in an unencrypted state.

Hey Michael, thank you for your answer.

I think I’m opening the good one (the localhost), but it remains encrypted as if I opened the original folder

Hi. Please describe exactly step by step what you are doing.
It’s not possible that the files shown in the virtual drive are encrypted, unless you copy the encrypted files purposely into the vault.
So maybe there’s just a mistake anywhere.


I’m just entering my password on the vault on Cryptmator, then it opens the vault but files are encrypted inside

I don’t copy anything in it since I did not touch it since a while and it was working fine. I try to check the health with the cryptomator tool but it is all good

Sorry, I have no idea what’s going on.
Never heard of anything like this behaviour.