Files on Windows 10 computer are no longer in sync with other devices when using Cryptomator


I have been using Cryptomator for many years on multiple devices (iPad, Android Phone and Windows 10 computers) and it’s worked very well the entire time. However, starting in September 2022 I discovered one of the Windows 10 computers is no longer synced with the other devices. The issue is that files recently created and appear on other devices do not appear on this single Windows 10 computer.

In my attempts to fix this issue I have done the following: I updated Cyptomator to the latest version 1.6.14, uninstalled and installed the Dokany, removed the vault and installed the vault, uninstalled and reinstalled Google Drive, paused syncing and turned on syncing in the Google Drive settings and restarted the computer multiple times.

Unfortunately, any new files that I create today and save in the Cryptomator folder on this Windows 10 computer, will only appear on this Windows 10 computer and not on the other devices. The same is true in reverse. Any files created today and saved in the other devices will appear on the other devices, but NOT on this Windows 10 computer. Also, my internet connection is 300 Mbps / 300 Mbps, so speed cannot be an issue.

I would appreciate any help in solving my problem when using Cryptomator.

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Are the files online available? If not, your sync is not properly configured. Reading your description, I am convinced that this is the case. Please check if it’s running and if the folder where your vault is stored is included in the sync.
Reinstalling Cryptomator or dokany won’t help anything because none of them is used for sync operations.

Hi Michael,

Yes, the files online are available. When using Cryptomator I can see them, copy them, delete them, and can add to the folder etc in the three devices. The issue is when I add more files, to either of the three devices, the 4th device, Windows 10, will not see any of the changes, additions, deletions, etc.



That does not mean that the files are online, as Cryptomator has its vault stored local, and then the sync client does sync the encrypted files with your online storage afterwards.

You can check if your files are online if you open your vault with the mobile app, or with cyberduck (both do not sync but connect directly with your vault).
Create a file in the vault on your windows 10 machine and then open your vault with these 2 options. If your files is not online, the sync is not done.

You can also create a file in your vault and the. Open the sync client and have a look if there were encrypted files synced shortly afterwards.

To me it still looks like your sync client is not configured properly and does not include the encrypted vault files.

Hi Michael,

I appreciate your suggestions for resolving my sync issue. After further testing I discovered that the culprit appears to be Google Drive. I discovered that I now need to log out from Google Drive in Windows 10, then log back into Google Drive. Never had to do this before. After doing so, I am now able to see on my Windows 10 computer using Cryptomator, any file changes, deletions, additions made on other devices. Not a perfect solution, but for now my work around allows me to access the current files when needed.

Once again, in the past many years that I have been using Cryptomator with multiple devices, this sync issue has never occurred until the beginning of this month of September. Coincidentally, another person posted on LinkedIn in September similar issues with Google Drive.

Thank you for your help!


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