Files/folderes disappear after renaming/moving files

hi, I’ve already read about some people having this problem on other operating systems, but there doesn’t seem to be a thread for GNU/Linux

I’m using ubuntu budgie 20.04, I freshly installed the newest version and with cryptomator I created a folder for the encrpyted data. this folder is being synchronized with the GNU/Linux desktop client. working perfectly.

but if I’m in the virtual drive and moving some files to a new created folder, they disappear a few seconds later. the same goes for deleten. if I select a folder and press “delete”, then it moves into the .trash-1000 folder. if you go inside this folder, the delete folder disappears. only if I press shift + delete, then a folder is being deleted correctly.

therefore I can not count for it and trust cryptomator, to work correctly. especially if you want to upload much content to the cloud for weeks or longer, it would be horrible if files/folders would disappear without any reason.

with this description if think it should be easy to reproduce the problem on a ubuntu (budgie) desktop OS. I’m using the ppa repo and not the .appimage file