Files couldn't be added to DevonThink Pro Office on Mac


startet using the new Cryptomator Release 1.4.0 on Mac OS X HighSierra 10.13.6.
Cryptomator is using Fuse Interface.

Error occurs, if I add files (PDF) to DevonThink Pro Office 2.10.2. After dragging a file to DevonThink a message appears in the activity log that the file couldn’t be copied. Looking into the DevonThink Database, I could find the file. But it has file size 0 Byte.
Seems to be a Bug with Fuse. After changing back to WebDAV interface files could be added to database.
Because of the bug in WebDAV Implementation in HighSierra i would like to use FUSE as interface.
Maybe someone could help with a tip. Or the dev team could confirm this as a bug?


Hey Ulrich,

I am experiencing the same issue with DevonThink. I noticed that it is not possible to add .jpg files for example either.



Anyone could help to solve my problem saving files in DevonThink?
Maybe I could provide some debug information?