Files corrupted after upload

Hey all,

I wanted to upload a bunch of pictures to my NextCloud through Cryptomator on my Android smartphone.
To do so, I opened the “safe”, clicked on “+” and selected a lot of pictures.
Upload started and all looked fine but after checking the progress after some time, the upload has stopped.

I had about ~15% of my files encrypted and uploaded to my NextCloud when I realized it is not uploading anymore.
After checking if it is already finished, I saw all files (even the ones which have not been uploaded yet) have been “modified” in a way that their file size is 0 byte and the date of modification has changed as well. Pictures cannot be opened anymore… :frowning:

I was trying to figure out if there is any chance to recover the files but couldn’t find any solution yet.
Is there a temporary folder holding the encrypted files or the original files?
Do I have to assume that all the data is lost?
Is it intended that Cryptomator modifies the files on my smartphone?

Any help is very appreciated!

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Before we check the reason for

the following section sounds to me like the selected files were modified in your local storage when uploaded to the Cryptomator vault on the client?

That would be really strange because we open an “input stream” to this file which by definition can just read from it and not write back, for that we would need an “output stream” :thinking:

Is this reproducible on your device? I assume the vault got locked during upload which interrupts the upload but it should not have any influence or magically turn the “input stream” to an “output stream” so the local files to be uploaded shouldn’t be touched in this case in any way.

Since I can not yet explain why the files now have 0bytes, I unfortunately have no idea how to restore them.

I did not try to reproduce this behavior yet since all pictures are gone and I don’t have such a big amount of data left on my smartphone…

I assume the vault got locked during the upload since I didn’t changed the settings to keep it unlocked.
As a matter of interest: When cryptomator encrypts the data, where is it stored until it’s uploaded?

In internal storage of the Cryptomator Android app where only this app have access to due to the sandbox model of Android.