Files are disappeared on Apple Devices

I have synced all the encrypted files from iCloud both on my iPhone and my Mac. I have 19 files but only 3 files are visible after decrypt. and i have tried to copy the old vault to the new folder and renamed it, selected it as a new vault. nothing changed.

And I doubt the last version, so i downloaded the old version from github but also not working.

I have checked the folder size between my iphone and my mac are the same and compared one of these files too.

I use Cryptomator more than three years. And this problem occurred before maybe only 2 or 3 times and files always back unexpectedly. but not this times.

anyone help plz and thanks advanced!!!

Take a look at this

I made all files offline for sure and the “cloud icon” has disappeared. And only 3/19 files visible on both iPhone and Mac

Ok, We’ll let you know if we find a perfectly working solution. We’ll post it on this forum, and social accounts, so we can help others facing the same problem.

I hope someone else from the community notices and joins this thread to help you.