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using Cryptomator since several days, running under MacOS. The folder-structure (see attached screenshot) is “duplicated” on my local filesystem. Why there is no single folder like “CryptomatorTresor” instead of several copies of the folder?

The Cryptomator-folder additional is synced via NextCloud-app into the MagentaCloud of Telekom.

FuseApp has been installed today, not initial together several days ago with the CryptomatorApp. Maybe this is one of the reason for this several folders.

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this is not as it should be.
Please check your sync. Something is really messing up the structure.

This is how a vault should look like: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

Theres 1 folder that is named like your vault. In this folder theres 1 subfolder “d” and several *.cryptomator files, and 1 *.rtf file for information purposes. In the folder “d” are several subfolders and files, that are actually you encrypted data.

Your screenshot shows multiple copies of the same vault nested within each other.
This does not only multiply your used disc space, it is also just wrong.

As cryptomator does not sync anything, I assume a misconfiguration of your sync client.

Thanks Michael for information.

Will “rearrange” the nextcloud sync and check the next days, if that was the reason.
Coming back.

After re-configuration of the sync-client the problem was fixed. I now only have one subfolder “d” in my data.

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