File saved only in vault - not possible to move from vault


First thank you for such software which looks very interesting (although I am not an expert).
I am using Win10 Entreprise, Cryptomator version 1.4.6, Onedrive.

  1. When I copy an Office 2016 file (for example an Excel file) in the vault, then modify the content of the file, after saving and closing the file, I have noticed that the date of the file didn’t change. However when I am opening again the file, content is as modified. With a quick search I have understood that this issue on date will be fix in future release, could you confirm ?

  2. More problematic, if I move the modified file to my desktop for example, when I open it changes made earlier have not been taken into account. How can I fix this issue ?
    Note: I have tried with a notebook file, such issue is not happening.

Thank you in advance for your support.


As far as I remember the date issue was that the date of encryption was set and was overwriting the original date. (
This was fixed with 1.4 (and had a regression which was fixed with 1.4.11)
[Bug] Timestamp problem in Cryptomator v1.4.7 (Windows)
So version 1.4.6 that you are using should not be affected. However, the actual Version is 1.4.13 and I recommend an update.

Your issue #2 is hard for me to reproduce. Can you please post a step by step guide what you do, how the system acts, and what you expect how it should act.
Maybe these known issue is also a cause:

If yes, you can try and switch the volume type to dockany to solve this.