File Length - Another Question in the Series

Sorry guys for another question on file length but since converting the vault I have not been able to get all of my files uploaded to my backup provider. They keep failing several hundred files for too long file path names. I have read several articles on file lengths and admittedly I don’t understand what is taking place. However, I didn’t think I needed to understand the architecture but just shorten my files in the unencrypted state so they are under 250 characters in length. I did than and then some, and then I reduced the file lengths some more and they still are too long to upload. The file structure for some files is getting so short it is becoming meaningless if I keep reducing the file path names.

So, I spent more time to do an analysis on the top 100 ~ files in my vault. I have spent weeks (6 weeks) trying to get some of the files in the unencrypted state from 250+ length to under 200. You can see I have done that in the first list of column information below as the first listing of column data is a list of the files unencrypted and the longest file length is 173 characters - well under the 250 windows max length. However, the same vault and the same files in their encrypted state is listed in the second column of information and the file lengths are significantly different.

I get that there are many more files in the encrypted state than there are in the unencrypted state due to the vault change. However, that is not my immediate concern right now, although the more files to upload the more opportunity for file upload failures.

The immediate problem is getting my files to a place where they can be uploaded to the cloud. I have been told the full file length should be 250 or less. I tried that and again 100’s of files failed. I went to a file length of 225 and 100’s of files failed again. I went to a 200 file length and 100’s of files failed. I have all of my files under 175 file length, yet they will fail as they encrypted state is too long (see list where 1st file is 268 characters and the next 87 files are 256 characters).

|File Length|# of Files|
|173|12| You read this that there are 12 files with 173 characters
|172|2| You read this that there are 2 files with 172 characters

|File Length|# of Files|
|268|1| You read this that there is 1 file with 268 characters
|256|87| You read this that there are 87 files with 256 characters

So, my first 12 files in the unencrypted state has 173 characters but supposedly the same files in the encrypted state there is 1 file that is a whopping 276 characters, to which I have no idea which file that is, and then the next subset of 87 files is 276.

I cannot match anything not knowing which file in the encrypted state is the same file in the unencrypted state that is 276 characters or any other file for that matter.

I am about to give up on Cryptomator to be perfectly honest. I have enjoyed the product for years. I have made multiple donations but this last conversion has thrown me for a loop. As you can see I cannot get 100+ of files uploaded to the cloud and I don’t even know which ones they are. I am just tired reducing them over and over. I have not achieved anything meaningful that will result in successful uploads.

Any help would be appreciated before I completely give up. Many thanks for a great product over the years. I hope there is something simple that I can do to resolve this huge dilemma.