File Indexing/Search

When i have .txt and .docx documents in a “normal” unencrypted folder on my drive, windows indexes the contents of these files and lets me search for them via the built-in windows search. This doesn’t work with cryptomator. I know this would require decrypting every single file and performance would suffer, but is there any way to force the file-indexing? This would be very useful for going paperless and searching inside your documents.
Thanks in advance

Hi Tom.
As far as I know the indexing is more a windows thing than a cryptomator issue. Please be aware that the cryptomator vault is mounted as a WebDAV network drive.
Windows actually prevent indexing of network drives.
There’s a reason why Microsoft prevents its own index service from indexing network volumes by call from client side. Assume a network with 10000 PCs and one File-Server. There would be a massive traffic on the network just to handle the client side index file requests. So Microsoft Servers perform the indexing and just provide an index file for the clients. This avoids traffic in the network and waste of performance on client side. But this is a server side feature and therefor has to be provided by the server system.

But of course there are tools that provide the indexing of network drives.
One user in this community used a Tool called Everything.

It’s correct, that network drives are not indexed. But it’s possible to make indexing from the server side. I would love to see Cryptomator implementing “WebDAV DASL compliant search”. This would solve the problem.