File inaccesible or corrupted

Some files seems to be corrupted/inacessible (logs show 404 after trying to open the file) after I tried to close the vault while they where in use by Windows. Currently only tested with video files (.mp4).

OS: Windows
Cryptomator Version: 1.6.3

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put a file on the vault (tested with video files, some got inacessible, some not)
  2. Run the file with a process that holds it
  3. Try to lock the vault with the file still open (Cryptomator will warn of files in use)
  4. Properly close the program using the file, and only then lock the vault
  5. Next time using the vault, the file will not be acessible (logs showing 404 but the encrypted file is still there)

Which volume type do you use?
If WebDAV, I suggest to switch to WinFSP

Currently using WebDAV
I will try using WinFSP, thanks

Edit: Seems like using WinFSP fixed the issue, and also made the previously inacessible files acessible again, thanks

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