File in vault exists but is invisible

I use Dropbox to sync files between my laptop at work and my iMac at home. My Cryptomator vault lives in the Dropbox directory. After I copied a file into the Cryptomator vault on my laptop I could not find the file in the vault on my iMac. Dropbox had since long synced the content.
I found out, the file existed in the Cryptomator vault but was unvisible not only in Finder but also when doing ls -al on the commandline. How did I know the file existed? When I provided the exact name like in ls -al Report.xlsx it was listed with the correct size, ownership, permissions and creation date. I copied the file to a location outside the vault, renamed it to Report2.xlsx and copied Report2.xlsx into the vault. This file was visible in the Finder and by typing just ls -al while Report.xlsx stayed invisible. Later I deleted the invisible file by rm Report.xlsx and copied Report2.xlsx to Report.xlsx. Now both files were visible in the Finder and on both the iMac and Laptop. I just found out my Laptop at the time was running FUSE Version 3.8.2 while the iMac was already on 3.8.3. Could that cause such an issue?
Cryptomator Version: 1.4.5
FUSE Version: 3.8.2 (Laptop), 3.8.3 (iMac)

Is there anything inside the log files (~/Library/Logs/Cryptomator) that stands out somehow regarding this file? I’m not aware of an issue that could cause this. If you find out how to reproduce this issue, please let us know.

having a similar issue. File will come up as visible if I change a file’s name in the same folder. But will randomly disappear again.