File copy aborted "das element befindet sich nicht mehr in //Cryptomator...."

I’m new on cryptomator. W10, Cryptomator 1.4.6, Webdav vault,
Copying video files bigger than 55mb into my vault result in an error: “Das Element befindet sich nicht mehr in cryptomator-vault… Überprüfen sie den Ort des Elements und wiederholen sie…”
File name is fine. Checked every possibilty and use the “root” folder in my cloud drive. So there should be no NAMING issue.
Files smaller 55mb works fine.
Copying the files creating the error direct into the cloud drive, works fine. So it must be related to cryptomator.
I created the vault directly into the webdav drive. Could this be a problem? Hoster is “1und1”.
Error occurs indepent of setting “Laufwerkeinbindung” on Webdav or not. BTW: What is this setting for?

Any idea? It drives me crazy and I don’t want move back to boxcryptor.

Could’t sleep and then I created a local vault syncing with the cloud drive based on cloud provider app. Now it seems that it works. Checking the cryptomator page and found out that cryptomator is designed for local vault :grimacing:… BUT it works also with a vault created directly in the webdav drive. I did it this way because I don’t want a sync with the local drive. Then the problem occurs dependending of the file size.

Maybe a developer can confirm my experience. Would be great.

Now I’m planing to buy mountain duck to play directly with the cloud drive without having the data localy.
Does that make sense?


This vastly depends on the third party software involved and therefore isn’t officially supported. If it works, great.

Buying mountain duck is probably the best idea if you plan to work on “remote vaults” on a regular basis. :+1: