File Backup Process for Synching files before upload to the Cloud

I am using PolarBackup as my cloud storage. I am using them for the fist time as they offer large space for very few dollars. While I performed some initial tests and I did not notice any issues with uploading files to the storage nor any issues with downloaded them and performing a compare, I decided to upload my daily files from my backup and then download again to compare to ensure everything was stored OK. I got disturbing news. Some files were missing and other file sizes did not match - a very large number of files >5k.

So, I want to confirm how I keep my files in sync is not causing a problem. It does not appear to be related as the files I am missing and the others that are corrupted are not ones that I recently updated but it has caused me to question how I synch could be a culprit?

Here is what I am doing that I want to make sure it does not cause a problem. I have a “Master” HDD (hard disk drive) and a “Backup” HDD. When I need to do an update, I open the “Master” vault and copy and delete files into the open vault as I can read the files names. I close the “Master” vault and then I use FreeFileSync to synch the files with my “Backup” vault with both vaults closed. I am assuming that the only difference in the files is that they are encrypted. Logically it compares the date\time stamp and if the encrypted file needs updated t replaces that folder\file with the update file from my “Master.” The “Backup” drive then synch’s with PolarBackup,

The key question is it ok to synch with the vaults closed? Or do I have to always open the vaults before performing synch on the encrypted files and then close the vaults?

I am on v 1.4.

Yes and no.
In fact it should not matter if the vault is open or closed when you copy the encrypted vault files to your backup location.

The first question is where your files get lost. When you compare your files on backup HDD with master HDD, is anything missing? Or do the files get lost after sync with your online storage?

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Thanks for confirming that I can synch without errors if the vault is closed. The backup and master are in synch so something occurred either in the upload to the cloud or a download. I have reported the problem and I have sent them log files as I did not get any notification of errors. It has created a lot of doubt as to whether I can rely on them as my offline backup.

I use RealTimeSync to automate the syncing of the main vaults (2 Dropbox, 1 GoogleDrive) to MEGA as my backup vault. Vault is open or close (even main vault is open and backup is closed) it doesn’t matter. Every now and then, I mount the backup vault (MEGA) and compare it with the main vaults (Dropbox and GoogleDrive) using FreeFileSync. I never encountered any corruption or difference. Same with the potable HDD and FreeNAS backup I got.

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