File App iOS13 - Cryptomator did not show up

Good evening, dear community,

I just wanted to add Cryptomator to Apple’s File App. Unfortunately Cryptomator is not shown here.
Has the functionality under iOS 13 been removed? At that time you could open Cryptomator directly with the File App.

Yours sincerely


Support is still on our list. Due to API restrictions this would only be possible for vaults that are “permanently unlocked” locally, which is not yet implemented.

So this feature has not been removed. If Cryptomtor did show up in the past, this was an error. So far it never implemented all required functions to fully support the Files app.

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Now we have the “never lock” toggle :smiley: :wink:

But not in the iOS app. There you can’t use it in the file app. I know The developer are working on an implementation

+1 for that feature.

This is so important to enable cross-platform use of cryptomator encrypted data. In the current state the iOS App is almost useless. Please add that functionality soon.

Just wanted to work with an encrypted folder with markdown files on iOS and it’s not possible to work on the data with an external app. And there’s many more of such use cases… :frowning:

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