Figured out how to access Mega cloud storage on Android via Roundsync (Rclone)

Hi all,

As some of you do, I use Mega cloud storage. There is no direct way to access mega cloud storage from cryptomator. On Windows 11, when I have Mega running in the system tray, Cryptomator for Windows sees and uses it.

What about Android?

There is no Cryptomator cloud support for Mega. Rclone via Roundsync on Android DOES!!

I just figured out a way to make it work successfully.

For Android there is a free client called Roundsync. It is Rclone for Android.

Rclone supports Mega!

So, all you need to do is install and configure a remote for your Mega account in Roundsync.

Then, Cryptomator, when you choose “Open from”, Roundsync will appear as one of your choices. Then you select the remote that you just created for your Mega account and then you will see your Mega files/folders and can create or access a Cryptomator vault.

You can download Roundsync for Android from Github-Roundsync.

Let me know if you need further explanation or some screenshots from my phone configuration.


Additional information:

Roundsync for Android supports many cloud providers, so, if you can’t find the one you need inside Cryptomator directly, chances are it’s supported in Roundsync.

Rclone runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, It supports over 40 cloud providers, and it’s open-source!!

This way you can use cryptomator to encrypt and protect your data pretty much anywhere you store it.

Thanks for the hint, but I cannot see roundsync in the choice list of cryptomator.
Anything special I have to set up after connecting a mega account to roundsync?

Yes. I will post instructions later today.

Any new information?

@electricar , My apologies! I begin writing out instructions and they became too complicated to follow.

I decided to do a short screencast video demoing the actual configuration setup so that all you need to do is watch and repeat.

Because of the extreme delay, I will do my best to get this done later today.


i have a draft of a video I need to do another take and edit things together and it will be a complete video tutorial on how to use Mega and kryptonator and Android and doing so using rclone.

@LeoW Heyo! Did you manage to finish your video?

I setup cryptomator and added a local storage connection to roundsync. I can download existing files but I can’t upload via the cryptomator app, it tells me “An error occured.”

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@Urologist5946 ,

Congratulations getting as far as you did.

Unfortunately, the document provider feature of round sync is not bug free and file transfer only works from the server down to the phone and not in the other direction.

I have been waiting for the developer to fix this, but it does not appear to be a priority. He knows it’s broken, It’s just that he’s one person and doesn’t work on round sync very often. I don’t even know if he knows how to fix the uploads. It’s the same for all providers.